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  1. Maybe it's about time to care.

  2. 4 computer screens and watching all twitch channels on each screen. Woah!

  3. Flatbeats... Yeeeah.

  4. Well I just wanted to start it off and say... Pit people looks awesome. From what I've seen, I could tell some of you are working pretty hard on making game 4 the best ever! I am happy to hear that people are enjoying the game so much, but, then it saddens me to hear when a person says it's stupid. Anywhooooooo! I've been watching this game on twitch a bit here, there and when I could- Ever since I found out about it from PJDiCesare and mecharichter. So, when finding out, I absolutely fell in love that 'The Behemoth' is behind the making of this game 4. I was like, "got to have it." Anyways, long story short, just wanted to say, keep up the hard work and DON'T LET THE DREAM DIE!