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  1. Alexander

    Official Castle Crashers Download Thread

    Downloaded, add me if you wish.
  2. Alexander

    24 hours left :D post gamertag here

    My gamertag is AMLow, feel free to add me if you want to play some co-op tomorrow.
  3. Alexander

    Any chance that we will see some DLC?

    I wouldn't mind new content, as long as it is reasonably priced. I hate games that have dlc that is almost as much as the game.
  4. Alexander

    Movies you just saw, rate them!~

    The Dark Knight (10/10) - An excellent movie, and the best movie of the year. Iron Man (8.5/10) - I loved the movie, Iron Man became my favourite superhero after watching this movie. The Incredible Hulk (8/10) - It was a good movie, I don't like the character, but it was still a very good movie. Love Guru (6.5/10) It was a okay movie, had funny moments but could have been better. I haven't like Mike Myers laters movies that much (Love Guru and Shrek the Third). I've seen more movies but don't really feel like rating them.
  5. I was having a few server errors earlier, but I haven't had any recently, I'll edit this post if I get any more. Also you guys should probably create a few new forums, such as gaming and help. Eventually everything is going to get crowded.
  6. Alexander

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    I'm Alexander, and I'm from Canada. I've been following this game for about 6 months now from all the news posts at Joystiq and X3F. I bought Alien Hominid around mid July to kill the wait, even though I royally suck at it.
  7. Alexander

    Castle Crashers Pricing.....

    The maximum pricing for Arcade games is 1600. I'm happy with the price, I have enough points leftover for another arcade game or dlc after I buy Castle Crashers.
  8. Alexander

    Official Castle Crashers Gamers List

    My gamertag is AMLow, I'll be probably keeping it in my signature and avatar though.
  9. Alexander

    How did you hear about it?

    Either Joystiq or Xbox 360 Fanboy, they've covered Castle Crashers pretty thoroughly.