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  1. Luke

    R.i.p Forums

    Eh, the forums aren't dying. There's just not much going on right now. The Pit People Beta testers tested Pit People (I was one of them) and now the Behemoth are working on the finished product. Once the game comes out, everyone will be back on and be talking about it.
  2. Luke

    Your greatest experience from a game

    Once I build my new PC, I'll be getting Batman Arkham Asylum. Im sure that'll be a great experience
  3. Luke

    I want to eat a good sandwich

    Bacon Grilled and cheese with mustard and bacon. Extra cheese.
  4. Luke

    What Tv Shows And Movies Are You Watching Atm?

    Gravity Falls, and Star Wars. What else do you need to watch?
  5. Luke

    Post Your Picture

    Um, I see one picture of someone.
  6. Let's face it: a lot of these people on the forums are pretty why not play with them? Share you steam profile here! Make friends, and play together. My Steam Name: Professor Fluffy. (You can also say what game you want to play, if interested in friending someone.)
  7. Luke

    Your greatest experience from a game

    Mhm, I dunno...BattleBlock Theater was a great experience for me at first, its what made me a PC gamer. Undertale was an amazing experience, and I know a lot of you cringed when I said that, but it really was great for me. Half life 2 was an awesome experience, too.
  8. Luke

    All Time Favorite Game?

    (I am sorry if there is already a topic that talks about this, I don't know if there is or not.) What is YOUR all-time FAVORITE game?! It could've come out in the 1980s, or it could've come out just recently. This is a really hard decision for me, so I have 3 favorite games: Battleblock Theater, Brawlhalla and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (And Pit People...?) Come and share with us your favorite game(s)! (Don't name anymore than 5, pleaz.)
  9. What was YOUR best experience? What game was it? Why was it your best experience? Please tell us why!
  10. Well, with my new PC being built soon (by yours truly) I have a lot of new games I'll start playing soon, but for now? CS:GO, Gmod, Brawlhalla, and I am about to try out the Pit People Beta.