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  1. tjtheturtleisawesome

    My Senior Quote is from BattleBlock Theater :)

    Well I thought it doesn't really fit in the Battleblock section because it isn't actually about the game, so I posted it here XD
  2. Hi! So this year I am a senior in high school and you know what that means...senior quotes! I really wanted my quote to be from a Behemoth game and ended up settling for "When life gives you potatoes, you make potato salad" from Battleblock theater's Buckle Your Pants song. Ignore my bad yearbook picture XD but yeah thought I'd share that here!
  3. tjtheturtleisawesome

    Enter our 2016 Halloween Contest

    My brother and I had lots of fun making the food version of our favorite characters! We got the idea after walking in the grocery store and saw an Oyster mushroom that looked a lot like the mushroom from Pit People, and then we used that same idea to other characters. Also I had to resize the photos to be under the file limit, so I put a better quality version of each of these uploads on imgur: Mushroom from Pit people(Food version!) And of course, the food version of Gluten is pretty easy Cupcake from Pit People(Food version?) And then Gluten vs the Mushroom! And finally, a Tofu Hatty hattington! Spooky version! Spooky Tofu Hatty