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  1. Banned for saying, "pic" Instead of the word, "Picture."
  2. I'm unsure about that Smoothster because when the bear hit the planet it caused the entire world to turn into hexagons and also screwing up time (Apparently from reading some stuff) And so because of that it can't be the case unless somehow the player is to kill the bear (Which would explain why there is no narrator in Castle crashers) and then the world magically repairs itself and time is restored... Although there would still be some higher technology lying around meaning guns and other things should still be a thing to some extent.
  3. AkuHito


    Oh wow, this seems to be better than the theory that I was going to create... Nice detail and so on so good job.
  4. Probably, "Run like you have diarrhea and its starting to come out." Another being possibly, "Oh, yay. A gem..." because gems get to a point of being useless and not worth anything.
  5. I might be interested if you are still wanting someone to play with.