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  1. Seems to be up already. I've started playing. How do you post a thread on these forums? I can't seem to figure it out. Also, I had some beginner questions regarding this game: Hi there, really loving the game, but I had a few questions. This game is not very beginner friendly, there are a lot of confusing things. 1. Are all items in a given category identical except for aesthetics? Like if I go into the longsword section are all of them the same? I am not seeing a difference in the stats. I have seen an exception with the Castle Crasher helmets in that they offer different elemental immunity, but other than that I am not seeing very many differences.2. Apparently there is a load limit to your caravan? I am traveling the map and cannot hold more than 7 items like cages and loot bags? Is that correct? How do you use the items in there like a healing campfire site which I assume heals your party out in the wild? Also, how do you know what those things in the marketplace are? Like nitro? I can't tell what it is. I assume the resurrection allows you to get back a character that died or something? There doesn't seem to be an explanation.3. Is there something to the cannon on your caravan? I thought something popped up telling me there was but I can't figure it out.4. Is there a way to look at opponents' unit's stats? I'd like to know what a unit does when I go against it. Thanks in advance!