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  1. Hey, loving the game so far. Great content for an early access game and looking forward to how this title develops. A couple questions however. Buffs; I might have missed something but there is no guide or indication of what the buffs actually represent. I've gotten by so far just by guessing by appearance, purple cloud represents poison etc. 'G' (currency); Just by playing a few pvp games I came across players with a vast amount of ingame cash already, 30,000 being the top amount. I mostly play pvp so I'm guessing single player is the cause of this. I was just wondering whether cash/loot might be too easy to gather at the moment, resulting in players running out of unlockables to win, objects to buy etc. Those are my only real concerns at the moment, other than that I'm massively impressed with the game currently and a great price. Hoping future World DLC's are released and the game really expands because the core game is very fun and original. Thanks for the hard work and good luck with the rest of development guys!