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  1. If anyone can help me with this problem I will be very thankful! So i played the free trial, loved it, bought it, (so this is AFTER i already recruited the cupcake healer), and now i have to recruit one more person before i can do quests n whatnot. and above the doorway leaving the safe area, it should say I have a net and a paper/map, and then just have to buy a cage right? well it says i don't have a net, and i watched walkthroughs on youtube seeing if i am missing something but when they got to this part, they already automatically had a net without doing anything, and just had to buy the cage and were already set to recruit a new member to their team. Is this a glitch on my part or is there any way I can get a new net? Any help would be much appreciated. I haven't yet tried to start a new game because I don't want to restart, I know I'm not far but still.