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  1. I disagree completely, they're super slow and easy to avoid. Net throwers are also very effective against hard hitting melee fighters like them.
  2. I would prefer a system where it works almost as it does currently but it will allow you to select items that are all equipped on different fighters, just when you try to equip it it has a pop-up prompt with something along the lines of "equipping this item will remove it from ___ fighter. Proceed?" then a yes/no option. Or potentially a list of fighters that have the item equipped with the ability to select who to remove it from.
  3. I second these ideas. Especially the range character distance thing.
  4. Thank you. I totally forgot that existed. I think I'll submit my problem there as well but leave this post in case anyone else has run into the same issue.
  5. The net is an equipable item you have to give one of your characters. It goes in the shield slot. Sofia came with one that you might have accidentally replaced.
  6. Hello behemoth! Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum, for some reason this is the only one I'm allowed to post in. I'm playing co-op with a friend and twice now a character he has captured for me and then traded to me upon returning home has disappeared and never been added to my fighters even though the mail thing shows me they've been sent. Both characters were unique characters he already had so we were thinking maybe he wasn't allowed to catch an additional one and that's why they disappeared? It was the Sultan of Shivers and Major McDynamo. Hunted for these characters for a while so it was really disappointing to catch them and still not get them.