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  1. so um hey! I decided to go ahead and post some of my work here which includes some of my non-behemoth-based works and some practice animations as im currently taking animation courses! (more will be added later because reasons) (all are hidden for the sake of data consumption) A cupcake friend blowing up a balloon! (GIF)
  2. Hmmmm It was around a week after Watch Dogs 2 was announced so the dedsec part was there, the Pony part is sorta self-explanatory... I like MLP.... (although its kinda low-key atm, hiatus season) and that's it. DedSecPony.... Sometimes with the ".exe" at the end *cough*STEAM*cough* because it looks cool tbh I also go by the name "Pony" because after a few weeks Post-CipherHunt, some of the members in the CH discord started calling me by the name Pony so that's that too.
  3. Another submission! This time, its a Valentine's Day Card!
  4. Hello! My name's Pony and some of you might saw me first in the behemoth's discord server under the same display name. Battleblock was my first behemoth game but my personal favorite is Castle Crashers. I mostly main as Hatty with some Pink Knight at times. And my favorite orb is the chicken. oh and i also make art.
  5. Um.... This was an actual sudden drift from most of these entries, BUT I will make a smaller entry for the day of love!