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    Hello! This is the first time ever doing posting on "blogs"? If my topics seem more like ramblings then call me a loser, but that's now why I'm here. I have quite a few ideas that I'd like to share and maybe one of the developers maybe...kind of...notices my goals...?? Right on task now. I can't remember completely, but I do think that Tom Fulp said that all the games they have released are in the same world. This is shown clearly through content in Pit People, as some hats/helmets are that of the barbarians and bandits from castle crashers. That being said, reusing old characters can in fact bring this game just a bit further in playable characters. I took a step back and will make this simple, I'll list off characters and will go into detail after the list. 1. Barbarian boss 2. Bat boss 3. Fish people Those are the only solid ones I had in mind or really think have potential. 1. For starters, I imagine the barbarian boss to be built just like the troll mother. He would cover three slots, a triangle hit box, and move two spots a turn. As for defence, I feel like he'd either be a meat sponge, sucking up damage like the troll mother does. However for some reason I think he should have a deflection factor like the mushrooms. Without a doubt, he will have a helmet defence making maces effective against his head. Now for basic attacks, I see his punch to be his close range attack. High damage with the cyclops fling effect. This is the special part, the barbarian boss should have his own set of weapons. Either being a giant metal sheet that could block tons of projectiles or a cup for his liquor. Trying to word this carefully, the vampiress thing has the ability to fly an extra distance if you hold down the movement button or mouse. What would make him special would be if you had a certain weapon. The spiked plate would have him smash down and do a troll flip to himself. This would be spiked damage and a small chance for stun/snare which would be great against tons of vampiresses. Much like vampire- Calling it that because I'm tired of spelling it wrong- this would cost the barbarian boss health each time he does it. As for the liquor, it would do the same but hit all enemies in the way with fire damage and possibly leave fire on the ground just like the pixies. I hope that was simple and easy to read. 2. Two slots, one space one box. This character is much more simple then the barbarian above. The bat boss will be flying so no snares, and might heal after every attack. That would only happen if it's a blood sucking bat. Since I didn't develop or make that bat I cannot tell if it would leech. For it's special properties, say it moves three spaces and every space is passes a smelly poop was dropped behind. Like the spidtuar's? web, this would be a great way to wall off enemies unless they'd like to be hit and poisoned. I could take a few stabs that say...lightning or ice would be it's weakness though. If surrounded it could do his lick attack which would be like the mushrooms attack but this will actually hit everyone around its spot. That would do low damage of course. 3. Those fish are the enemies before fighting the gorgon from castle crashers. one slot, one hit box. I claim that this idea of a playable character would be water kobolds. On the ground they'd cover three spaces or less but they can pass through water spaces like people trying to get in a store on black friday - not that I would know. As a bonus, I believe that they should do bonus damage to anyone they attack while in the water. For damage though, I say that should do just a bit more then zombies which as far as I see do five or six on a single blow. I can be wrong about what people want damage to be in this game but bonus damage on a seven or eight is good enough for me. If not in melee range, they would spit those bubbles like the gorgon but will do less damage because it uses one slot. This last attack is very optional for a single slot character. The fish has this air lunge attack, I suggest that being in as well. It would cost health to do, but I think if they're standing in water that it shouldn't cost health They would aim randomly at an enemy that is two-three maybe four spaces away and when hit causes the enemy to bounce up and land randomly near by. Maybe to balance this out the fish is stunned next turn. So those are just some ideas I spat onto the keyboard. If you're bobbing your head saying,"Yeah that makes sense!" then do something, ok? I do hope that people out there have their own ideas and feel that if they're includes into this alpha game it would make it even better. Please share, I would like to be inspired if your ideas are someone similar with mine.