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  1. I'm guessing you're probably over or at level 50 by now, so what I would do is probably do the XXYY combo (Xbox controls), or the ◻◻△△ combo (PS3/4 controls). What that combo will do is air juggle the enemies as much as you like until you think they have died. I know that some of the enemies you can't air juggle, so you can do the pretty OP combo: XXXYY (xbox controls) & ◻◻◻△△ (PS3/4 controls) which is the Diving Spin Combo. I don't know how to describe the Diving Spin Combo all I know is that if you do this multiple times, it can kill the enemy in no time! So yeah, hopefully this helped you, and good luck!
  2. What's up, Ladies and Gentlemen, If you could choose your favorite character of all in BBT, whether the character is a prisoner, or an obstacle (Ex: Duck Shark), what/who would you choose? For me, I'd say my favorite of all would be the raccoon, because it so adorable and funny looking, and it just chases you down until he/she gets their lunch!
  3. What's up, ladies and gentlemen, So I asked many of my friends today about the final boss in Castle Crashers, some of them said he was too easy, and the others said it took a while to defeat him, but easy. So I asked them if there were to be a replacement boss, who would you choose? I asked 7 friends that I know for a fact are pretty good at Castle Crashers, and all of them said right away: Necromancer. I had to agree that he is pretty good, and took a while to finish him off, but not as long as the final boss came to know and hate. So I came up with a plan myself, saying that if we could expand his health, and give him different phases, including him (the Necromancer) turning into one of those buff lookin' dudes, that would be pretty cool. When he does go into this stage, he can spawn in the buff versions of the dead enemies he usually spawns in, but with half of the normal health, because we all know that the buff enemies are pretty big time waster to kill. So if you agree that the Necromancer would be a pretty tough boss to kill with all the additional stuff I added into him, respond! Tell me what you think!