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    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    I know this is an old game by now, but i still wanna introduce myself: Hi, I'm Samurai_N, I started playing and completed the normal mode campaign with some friends on steam recently. I can't get enough of this game, it has everything I would look for in a game (Leveling up, Stat allocation, animal companions, different weapons that give different thats, secrets, magic, ...). My favorite character is the blacksmith, he looks so cool with his antlers and his mini weapons frog and his flaming hammers. My favorite animal orb is rammy, when he knocks over enemies, it lets me stall for time while I get close to them and do melee damage. My favorite weapon is the man catcher, it adds a ton of strength and some defense too without taking anything away. So I hope I can find some friends here to play with and battle with in arena battles.