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    Hello to everyone who has came here (or just typically entered this thread without a reason). My name is NatureOblivion, and i am glad that you come here. This is the Glitches section for CC Game, or Castle Crashers. I always loved breaking games, honestly. As how as much fun games would bring, breaking them in order to do something else is giving more fun and gives a new view of exploration that Developers didn't see, or just put a bolt on it. Every game was actually could be broken. Even those glitches could make game more fun. All those Bug fixes could give you more exploits through the game, not through cheating. This thread is not going to tell about cheating. It's not the one who could say how to get 256 lvl in the game & other things. This one is glitches, which present in the Vanilla game itself, which as how i say, locked on. So, as always, i am bad with those introductions... Let's get on with it, shall we? Note: I am not going to post Famous Glitches. Only those which isn't known to the community. Exploit Listing: ----Home Castle---- None At The Moment, Will Add if found anything. ----Castle Keep---- None At The Moment, Will Add if found anything. ----Barbarian War---- Fact: Sleeping Barbarians They seem to sleep all the time, until you attack the Barbarian you just got by surprise or let it attack you instead. It also seems to be they are awaking when you are actually very far away from them (right at the entrance) ----Forest Entrance---- AI flaw: Vehicle/Animal Riding AI is always seems to go for riding an Animal there. You can use it to lure them if you want. Graphic Glitch: Riding the Back This one is funny. You have to time perfectly when the Cutscene occurs, you have to move very slightly to the left, and if done right, you should see yourself riding the Animal using your back. ----Thieves Forest---- AI/Engine Glitch: Cliffs/Higher Ground This one is a level which has Higher ground or Cliffs which you can climb on. During Fight near the 1st River, you can go to the left and go down from the cliff. AI will try to follow you, but they will not mostly move through to reach you, and sometimes they can go literally through like sharks if they move correctly on spot. This one also gives you the opportunity to actually throw them into the wall, which causes them to climb up, but from different direction, as well as they will climb on the air. If their HP reaches 0 when you throwed them enough on the wall, they will climb and still be in play. However, this Climb Animation just delays the death animation, which causes them to be acting like nothing happened. Yet it is also Randomized. 1st: They will die after a couple of seconds 2st: They will NOT die, but once they did some special animations (Bow Attacking, Normal Attacking etc.) will make them die afterwards. 3st (Special) if you were lucky to behead them, and cause them also to climb, the animation cuts short and the AI will be already on the ground, while acting normally like 2st. It has also a very interesting glitch to happen, as their head is not in place, the Game will try to give it the head, or ''scroll'' through the entire heads of every character. Player Glitch Gamelock: Climb Cuts Short This one isn't been tested mostly, but it seems when you will get hit, you may get two states of animation: 1st You just will stay at fixed position, can't do anything causing to restart. 2st You will be hovering in the air, while the game considers you are on the ground (Which you are not) and also your animation will be idle when moving. It can also stack up the Shield holding animation, which if even not holding the button, animation persist to exist. You can cast spells and Items during this state, Jumping ends the state. Funny Fact: Cool landing There's a big cliff in the level, you could try to sprint and Use Heavy attack to do a roll, while falling of cliff. Nothing glitching, but just looks cool. Farm Texture: No Actual Wall Well, if you can get up there, you will see that the farm texture has no wall to block you. Weird. ----Part01 Done---- That's all for now. Feel free to post something about it, and well also some new glitches if ones have been found. Goodbye!