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  1. Console: Xbox One Possible glitch? While exploring, my controller will rumble at certain locations. There's no way to figure out what's causing it either. It's possible it's related to secrets and maybe something not released yet. But I can drive over the spot, rumble, then drive away, it'll stop. Then drive back to said spot and still rumble. After awhile it goes away I think? I usually drive away then return due to dead end and it's done. It might be related to the falling stars or snow flakes?
  2. Hunteil

    Xbox One: Please add tooltips

    I bought the game, I love it so far. The Narrator is awesome too! Anyways, having problems since day one here. When I 1st started up the game, I went to highlight a unit and it gave me one of those random names. It was a name that made me think it was was it class or race was (I think it was Violator)... Then I highlighted the next and thought, wow, what a weird class name for an archer and so on and so forth. I'm used to playing these strategy games where you highlight a target and it gives you some sort of tooltip like name of character, Race, class (no classes in this game), level, health, other important factors like flying type, and or special effects like ramming damage or what the negative effect they suffer. So I kept moving with the game since I knew it was still in production. But next in the house where you evaluate your items you get. I can't tell what the stats are per item and what their differences are. There's a little number that pops up under each item icon. But it means nothing to me. I can see the item being applied in the charts to the right later in game. But I often wonder if this stat is the outline or what. Again, I feel a tool tip on the item you're highlighting will help. Just display it's LBs, Dam modifier etc etc and enhancer icons... We'll get used to the enhancer icons. But I feel overall this should help. After beating as much as I can story side and exploring the world a few times. I'm still getting confused on who has what while fighting. (meaning the tooltip info) I also loose the arrow for which character you're commanding. A tooltip pop down with a color of team can help with this too I feel. Also stats for the market and stats for the mercenaries in the market too would all together help.