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  1. dovcharka

    Castle Crashers Remaster Lag

    I am playing with a wireless to my router/modem but this has never had an effect on other online games before. I am able to play CCr alone or split screen without any difficulty, but joining others online to play was what initiates the terrible lag. IDK if the other player was on a wireless connection.
  2. dovcharka

    Castle Crashers Remaster Lag

    Bought the game tonight and tried to play with friends online on Xbox One, everything was smooth while picking characters. Once we started on the map the lag was not very noticeable, but as soon as the levels started it was immediately clear that the game was practically unplayable because the lag would strike about every 3 seconds. I've done a little research and it seems like there was a similar issue with the Steam version. Is there anything that can help?