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  1. This theory has been done by many people, but i thought i would join in on the fun as well. Basically this theory explains that all of Behemoth's game are in the same universe. Just in different timelines. First is Castle Crashers. It is in a medieval time where there are things such as magic and magical powers, medieval weapons, knight characters and etc exist. There a also a king and an evil wizard which the knights need to retrieve the stolen crystal the wizard has stolen. Next is Alien Hominid. This game is a lot more modern then Castle Crashers. Such as modernized vehicles, weapons and cities etc. Also there is the F.B.I and they modernized army. An alien lands on earth and have to survive the F.B.I etc. After that is Battleblock Theater. There is obstacle courses, humanized cats who can do human things, characters such as robots, human fish, unicorns and others. Hatty Hattington has been taken by the cats after a boat wreak. Then his best friends have to rescue him. At the end, Hatty's hat shoots at green laser which kills the space bear which can be seen in the "Buckle your Pants" song. Then we have Pit People. This is a sequal to Battleblock Theater. The biggest piece of evidence is that the bear from Battleblock is seen crashing into earth. Which causes major chaos on earth. A farmer has to save his son from another space bear. But runs in chaos along the way.