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  1. We generally know already who is our highest level fighter. But the instance I want to chose a specific character (to see if I already captured that one) I now have to scroll through my 313 recruits. So Either make it like it was or make the option to sort in both ways.
  2. Also it would be nice if you could manually switch world maps (by paying 500 gold or something). Once you are out for completing all the side quests it'd be nice if you didn't have to go back and forth to trigger the swap.
  3. I think 3 things should be added: 1) More Terrain. Adds Tactics. We need more "special" terrain. Currently we only have water and lava. We could have Hills that increase archer damage, and magic circles that add defence or attack. That way, fighting for certain positions on the map becomes more important. 2) More enemy types. The pokemon catch them all part of the game is incredible important, but I guess that can also be used later on as DLC. Just here a few ideas: Aoe Healer, A fighter that is constantly confused and attacks friendlies too, A fighter that becomes invisible when exactly 3 spaces away. 3) More game modes in PvP. My suggestions are Capture the Cupcake (flag), King of the hill, Siege (with a castle and everything).