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  1. please behemoth! i was tricked by a community on ps4!! when will it be released? give us HINTS
  2. i'm a steam player and i have VERY, VERY bad issues when i go online, and solo... I NEED HELP Sorry for caps but please behemoth, help me!
  3. is the ice king a F U R R Y????
  4. i beat castle crashers as a level 22 gray knight, I'm playing online with other people with skulls, and i can't go on insane mode
  5. if you're a arrow guy, meowburt, if you're a magic man, beholder, if you're a melee master, burly bear or chicken, if you're a defensive dan, use the bearded dragon
  6. so im on battleblock theather on steam. and I go on furbottoms features.... it says "the battleblock theather service is not available" help me plz
  7. so when i do CC with a ps4 controller it counts as p1 not p2