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  1. I was just wondering if there are castle crashers mods for more characters and such
  2. Character Idea: behemoth (like in the logo) Weapon: a long chicken claw Magic: Throws sharp feather(ranged) Throws sharp feather downward(ranged air) shoots egg that explodes on contact up and slightly forward(splash) A bunch of chickens come and lift behemoth up ( jump ) Bow: I was thinking either a chicken drumstick or an egg animal orb: fake chicken (a goose) similar to golden whale, it occasionally poops out a golden egg that gives 1 gold when picked up / occasionally squawks, stunning all enemies for 1 second on normal and 0.5 seconds on insane mode.
  3. I also really want alien hominid 4 PC. I love behemoth games but I only have my Pc to play on, so I would like to have this on PC.