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  1. Characters: mini catfish( magic:splashes water,throws hairballs,water splash jump,water turnado) The vet in the animal ark(magic:animal atack?) A pirate(magic:throw bombs, digs up a X mark at once) That aligator guy in the marsh level shop(magic:throw boots,buys stuff for 20% of) Rainbow knight(female)(magic:all 4 rainbow powers at once, rainnado) mini painter(magic:all 4 rainbow powers at once,painbucket splash,paint turnado) mini cyclops(throw mini swords,Sword turnado) mini frost king(magic:like the blue knights but more powerful) mini undead cyclops(magic:such as the cyclops's but more powerful) Weapons: Medusa's comb Plastik fork dragons tooth(grab this sword after you defeat the dragon in the lavaland level) the red pointing stick in the vets hands(only available when you unlock the vet) paintbrush(available after defeating the painter,comes out with all the fruits inside his head or unlocked if mini painter is unlocked) the 2 miniswords in the cyclops's hands(unlocked by defeating the cyclops or by unlocking the mini cyclops) Boiling spoon(rare drop from peasants) The grave that the undead cyclops used to smash you(unlock the mini undead cyclops for this) icicle(get from in the ice kingdom) animal orbs: grim:instantly kills an enemy with little health peli:helps you walk on water wolf:a wolf in the full moon level and dog in a normal level raindeer:helps you ride faster on the dinosaur and lama and deer seal:gives the original waliking efect on ice penguin:gives a freeze hit when you fight
  2. I dont think there will, but if there would then it would be awesome
  3. I would pick the red knight because his magic is more comfortable to use though the blue knight is also not so bad but my favorite pet would be instal ball. And on swords I'd pick the one with the dragon head even though I don't know what its called. ''
  4. Hi everyone,I'm actually new here. So right now I'm really strugling to find all the weapons in the game. Even though some weapons are super lame-o I still like collecting them. I yet didnt find a lot of weapons,so I'd like to see some that you've found. And I also would like to hear your favorite weapon. Also,is there a weapon in the lava level? Because there are a lot of weapons in some other episodes and this episode is very long and hard with a miniboss and an extremely hard boss or two.