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  1. The painter boss I think was created by the evil wizard with a lunchbox. Also he says: "Im in you castle" "My brush is mightier than your sword" "I will paint you into a corner" "My art will be your demise" And then he starts walking around and saying "file up or pile up" I think
  2. Hi, I wrote this new topic to ask you the question why. I have a question about the aliens and yet havn't found the full answer to it so I regestired myself to ask you about them. So finally my question is that if you mention in the deserts background some alien ships that steal the tops of some piramids and also some egyption statue pieces on the ground and you can see an unbuild building or something when you battle with the 1st and 2nd alien ship and also on the alien ship before the alert goes off you can see the 3 aliens on the ships pannel investigating the sand castle. Also they seem to say that this beefy alien that escaped from jail is a boss from the game "Alien hominid" My question is what do they want from the sand castle and maybe they want their castle pieces that they have collected on their other way to build something big!!! Something huge!!! Perhaps the aliens we destroyed may be not the last of them. I mean there might be something in the other behemoth game called "Alien hominid" as long as I still don't have that game I am asking you guys. So now you know my question and please explain.
  3. I think all goes like this: You start in a party were a gray knight came crashing the door by barbarian, you go through the door and see the king being kidnapped by the evil wizard, The wizard stole his magic crystal and commanded the barbarians to kidnap the princesses, the evil wizard collects crystals to have unnatural powers to take over the world when he gets the enough ammount of crystals and also the barbarians listen to him because he is mightier than them and thats how people used to command people in the medieval times. So back to the story, the king send all his knights to bring him his daughters and including his 4 special knights, you fight with some barbarian in the barbarian war and then you fight the barbarian boss, at the time you fight you can see all of the princesses tied up to a wooden pole, they get stolen by thieves except for the red princess because they forgot to steal her to, so you only get to save the red princess. Then you follow the thieves into a forest and they start attacking, the fighting noice started to wake up the forests troll and his wifi, first you defeat his wife and then the forest troll gets mad and starts chasing you inside a barn, you escape and land in a river. You fight some frogs and then the evil wizard commands a bear to kill you, the bear tames a giant catfish and fights with you, you destroy him and then you crash on an island, the gray knights start building tents and catapults to survive, the king starts to make a plan, you fight with bears because you have entered their island and not because they are with the evil wizard. Then you go inside a cave and fight some slimes and the mama bat, the slimes and the bat are also not with the evil wizard and they attack you because they want to suck your blood. Then you fight bees and 2 beekeepers, because you stepped on the flowers that the beekeepers have planted. Then with your made catapults you catapult yourself to a wedding, the evil wizard gave one of his sons the green princess to marry, his son is the conehead groom who is an expert on playing pianos. The conehead groom commands his gaurds to destroy you, you defeat the conehead groom and then his son the cyclops comes out of the toilet and cry's because you killed his father. He gets the princess and runs on the wedding carraige. You throw your self onto the carraige and the carraige takes you back to the forest. You battle some coneheads on the carraige and then the forest troll comes back to take his revenge on you with some theives who also want revenge. You defeat them and go inside another cave were the carraige has crashed and the cyclops ran away with the princess. You fight dome more thieves and coneheads witch are with the cyclops and some slimes because they want your blood. Then you go to the cyclops's fortress and fight the gaurd conehead who was reading a newspaper. You fight some more coneheads and then you come to the cyclops. The cyclops wants to kill you because you killed his father but you kill him and then you go to lava land.The evil wizard also goes to lava land and petrifies some people and then he teams up with the necromancer for extra saftey of his world destruction plans. You fight with some dragon people because they are with the necromancer and the necromancer is with the evil wizard. Then the necromancer turns the petrified people into skeletons and they attack you because they are with the necromancer and the necromancer is with the evil wizard. Then you fight with a dragon that wares a sock puppet because you killed his dragon people. You defeat the dragon and get the golden wheel, then the evil wizard hires a prince and you go to his kingdom and fight with his fencers. Then you fight with the prince, you defeat the prince and he runs away with the orange princess to the evil wizard. The evil wizard gets the orange princess and leaves the prince betraying him. You kill the prince and get the golden telescope. Then you go to the blacksmitha nd get the golden compass and with these 3 items you hop on a ship. On the ship you fight some pirates and ninjas who want to conquer you as slaves, you defeat them and your ship lands in a desert. You fight some anticepedes because they want to eat you. Then you fight some royal guards who guars the sand castle, and you fight with some beetles because they are with the evil wizard. Then you have to fight aliens that want to steal the tops of piramids and are weirdly building something big!!! They kidnap you and put you inside some jail bars, you escape from the jail bars and see 3 aliens investigating the sand castle, the alert sighnal goes off and you fight witha lot of aliens, then you break another jail bar and a big beefy jail escaping alien escapes out of his jail and activates the self destruct button, you have 1 minut e before the ship self destructs itself and you escape in a safety pod. You land on the desert again and fight some saracans that want to rob you. You also fight royal gaurds that are gaurding the sand castle. Then you see a saracan on a lama running away to the sand castle to alert the people inside the sand castle about you. You kill him and go inside the sand castle and fight some royal gaurds and saracans because they are protecting their castle and you need to go through it to track down the evil wizard. You defeat them and play a volley ball game wich they are good at playing and they challenge you that if you win they will give you the map to the evil wizard. You win and then go to the marsh to get a horn and open the gates to the medusas lair. You fight some skeletons wich the necromancer brought to life and then some peasants help you. Then you fight some Snakeys because you have stepped on their lands and then you fight the corn boss because the peasants helped you and you return the favour by killing their enemy the corn boss, then they thank you and give you the horn wich you use to open the gates to the medusa's lair. Then you fight some fishmen and snakeys that gaurd the medusa because the petrifiesd fishmen and snakeys are the ones who went on her. Then you defeat the medusa because she wanted to kill you for interuping her when she was brushing her hair. Then you go to the rocky places and fight some dark knights because you stepped on their lands. Then you go to the snowy area to fight some iicekimos beacause they were told to kill you by the ice creatue and the ice creature is one of the evil wizards closest minions. Then you save the blue princess and then you go to the evil wizard interior were you first fight with some of his little minions and then fight the evil wizards official painter wich killed the real orange princess and painted a clown instesad of her. and then you fight the revived cyclops and then you fight the necromancer and then you finally fight the evil wizard were he uses his crystal powers to kill you but you destroy him and then you return to the king with your mission accomplished. the king becomes proud at you and gives his daughter to marry you.