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  1. Keith

    Happy Birthday Dan

    eehehehe, thanks guyz. I'll try and do something else behemothy in the future.
  2. Keith

    Happy Birthday Dan

    I ran out of icing, im sure you wont mind. ilu
  3. Style comes through practice. Style is basically the end result of drawing alot and falling into your own rhythm. The shapes Dan uses just come to him naturally, its why its hard to explain. Like said before its just like hand writing. it evolves on its one while you work. Basically any question you can ask about improving in art is answered just by drawing more. Draw what you see around you. If you like someones style then incorporating some of it into you work is a good idea, BUT trying to learning only from someone elses art will end up actually hurting your drawing skills in the long run
  4. I owe my brother big time after he gave me all his old psp games, like to repay him with this, then maybe we can play online too.
  5. Dan is the guy that does all the art and animation in the games. I thought the game was just made from 1's and 0's.
  6. I am the inventor of awesome and I also made something called the 2nd Dimension. I'll have to think weather or not I shall accept the job offer you send me.
  7. you area quick one arnt you? its almost as if it was done on purpose
  8. Community games are for people that can't get their games published, which is why its called community games, Because those people don't have full developer status. This is why you don't see any company putting games on it. You don't have to work for Behemoth to know they aren't making things for community games.
  9. Small addons don't add achievements, but larger ones(like expansions) can. I don't think there will be any added to CC however, at least not anytime soon
  10. This persons first language isn't English, give him a break. I bet you wouldn't do so well on a non English speaking forum.
  11. Keith

    Thank you Kelly!

    Thanks Kelly. you too Dan.
  12. so you can actually own it and not be a thief/hacker