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  1. Well, I have each frame saved, so it makes the update far easier. So getting hold of Rezecka was no problem You all know how to link your brute to the signature, right? I actually couldn't figure that one out haha, think you could post the tag on how to do it?
  2. Sorry, I haven't been on in awhile. So what do you mean it looks like your Super Smash Bros one? That one looks pretty good.
  3. Firstly, thanks for your Brute Secondly, the signature will be standard size, and will show one brute at a time. However, the animation will show each Brute, one after the other (Not sure what type of animation yet, but watch this space!) I know I don't have much of a say but I think it'd be cool if the character appeared and the username appeared below and they both moved opposite ways... Slowly before fading to the next pic... If you catch my drift? Yea, I was thinking this too. The MyBrute name should appear below the picture while the person's Behemoth Forums account name should appear above the picture.
  4. Here's mine. -EDIT- My brute's name is BACK BURNER by the way.
  5. I can't wait for this game. The trailer was enough to get me hooked on it.
  6. Game #3 looks so incredible. Looks like it's going to be a great multiplayer game, just like Castle Crashers. Can't wait for it.