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  1. Danielcjtodd

    Community run game porting?

    I'd say if they haven't replied by now they are not interested, planning to do it themselves, or they don't read their forums (which can happen with a team focused elsewhere). Its a shame as castle crashers will have a huge market, including players like myself. Its ok though, I'm teaching myself to code with my spare time. Fascinating!
  2. Danielcjtodd

    Community run game porting?

    Hi Megan and the crew at the behemoth. I understand you are a small hardworking crew, but you truely have a loyal fan base the size of a behemoth. Several threads have been answered about having your games (specifically in my case, castle crashes on Nintendo switch) being ported, and Megan usually answers with “we are a small crew”, and keeping your development focus on your next fantastic process. Totally understandable. My question is have you ever considered using the talent pool in the fan base to port existing games for you? (Under tight security of course) I can tell you right now we would jump at the chance. Myself, I am an ex animator and game producer (danielcjtodd.com is my OLD film animation demo reel, but I do 2d as well) I previously retired as a game producer after releasing “warhammer regicide” in 2016, using a tiny team of local and international coders, artists, etc. (retired due to health, not being ancient). I can schedule, manage artists, animate, find coders, deal with NDA’s, proprietary software, etc. I have even gotten tv animation pilots and projects done using volunteers at local gaming and 3D colleges where i have taught over the years.. i have about 5 hours a day at home on chemotherapy that I’m sitting around doing nothing, and have played through castle crashes AGAIN on steam. I would HAPPILY donate my time for free to get castle crashes ported professionally to the switch to play 4 players with my kids. I would only want a credit in the port. any thoughts on the matter, shoot me a message at danielcjtodd@hotmail.com, or post here. thanks for reading down this far!
  3. Danielcjtodd

    CCR Nintendo Switch

    I know right. Castle crashes. Switch. 4 players. Sounds like a dream!!! Im serious about jumping and helping out porting stuff. If the crew at the behemoth are understandably busy on new fun projects, we can TOTALLY jump on board and help. if someone from the behemoth team contacted me and said do it, I’m sure they would be impressed by their rabid community. their fear would be people misusing the access and files, or creating a terrible Frankenstein’s monster of it all. But let me help!! Let us help! We can really do this. Seriously, all I need is a credit! (And maybe a custom character that gets killed in the background of a scene. Not a pink Darth Vader or anything... )
  4. Danielcjtodd

    CCR Nintendo Switch

    Hi Megan and awesome behemoth crew, Myself and my kids are massive castle crashes fans, and would love to every one of your games on the switch. I see that you are a small studio with limited resources and your focus is elsewhere. But... Have you considered your immense community as a resource? For instance... I’m now a proud stay at home dad, but I was a game producer (warhammer: regicide) and animator (for 20+ years) and 3D teacher. I would gladly volunteer my time to port castle crashers to switch. If I could source some community members to create/manage the port for you, would you be interested? Game security, NDA’s, and remote artist management is something I’ve done a lot of as well. So many people would love to see your great games on the switch! How can we help! 😊