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  1. Well between them all my personal opinion would be orange became he has over lasting effects, but who do YOU think would win?
  2. No, I don't think there is an official storyline, but I made one to kinda go with the game. There were two brothers, a wizard and a knight, once the brothers came across a dark spire the wizard, foolish enough to believe the spire would grant him power absorbed its power. The wizard was overcome with greed and anger, then the wizard had a great battle with his brother, whom was checking on him to make sure he was okay, during the battle the wizard grew stronger as the knight grew weaker, so the knight retreated to form the kingdom the Knights live in, my theory on the Knights' powers are they came from different places, like the blue one cam from the snow kingdom, the green from the marsh, the orange from lava world, and red the industrialists castle, another theory I have is that before red was a knight he was the main source of electricity for the industrialists (the enemy). Anyways back to the story, the would be Knights found the castle and joined the kingdom. Now you might be wondering, hey what was the reason for that crystal, well I think the Wizards good feelings are trapped in there, but the wizard doesn't know that, that's why the battle with the wizard isn't as hard as you think (though he has like 74 forms they are easily defeat able by some way) it's because his good feelings are battling against him. Why are the barbarians and thieves attacking you? We'll pay attention to the barbarians names. They don't know and better! The wizard manipulated them into hating you! And the thieves? They are doing it for the money! Did you not see their town? They are a poor people doing what is needed for their survival! The princesses? For leverage!!! They want to make sure the king won't try anything! Why didn't the thieves grab the red princess? Well they didn't think it was necassary, because they were running out of time! The bosses? Manipulated! I think that this helps in the creation of the storyline for a AWESOME game, but hey that's just a theory, a FAN theory, Thanks for reading