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  1. As the title Suggests, I can't get the game to run properly. Everytime I launch the game It gives me the message Failed to Create Direct 3d Device, Resetting your computer may fix this problem. Problem is...I've done that, and many other things to get this to try and work. Uninstalled and reinstalled Updated windows and Graphic cards Tried a code the mods gave me to put in the launching options "-dxlevel 81" Checked the DxDiag document and everything is running smoothly. Removed your Preference.xml file. I don't know what else to try, so I'm coming to the forums to seek guidance in this dilemma. I was able to play this game when it first released in beta, and I've been able to play it with a few updates, but ever since it's been fully launched I've not had access to the game and it's quite troubling. Please can someone help me to get this game running? I'm grateful for any aide provided and hope that someone hears my Cries for more Pit people!!!