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  1. @Behemoth Team, can you please read this post and give a response accordingly? There's literally an experienced fan here giving his full dedication to make this dream come true. You already know that we fans want your games on the Switch, especially Castle Crashers, and there's no excuse at this point not to take this offer. Please :)
  2. Literally just made an account to join the wave of fans who want the amazing Castle Crashers on the Switch! I'm a programmer/animator who used to roam Newgrounds since 2005, and I've been literally following Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin and their development of the game. I still remember playing Castle Crashing the Beard (fan game), 'cause it was closest we got to a Flash version of the game, and I LOVED it! I remember not having Xbox 360, and being unable to purchase and play the game, exploring the alternatives as a kid, but honestly I never got to play the game until like 2011 -- and I super enjoyed it! You have no idea what it's like not being able to play something you've been so hyped for for literally years, and trying every possible option to get your hands on the game as a teenager, and waiting to finally play the game. Bringing the game to Switch would be a dream come true for all of us who so dearly love, arguably, one of the best 2D hack 'n' slash games ever!