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  1. Personally, I am a fan of every Knight. The green Knight is my highest level and the knight I played the first so I guess he’s always been my favourite. Behemoth have done extremely well when creating this game, as imo all the characters are pretty balanced and pretty similar, so it doesn’t really matter what knight you use. Everything, your knight, your pet and your weapon does depend on your play style though; for example, if you prefer using magic over your weapon, choose a weapon that increases magic, and maybe even a pet that increases magic, and be sure to pick a character that has a decent magic ability. On the contrary, if you prefer using weapons, then use a weapon that maybe doesn’t concentrate on magic and maybe more strength/ defence, use a pet that increases your strength/ defence, and feel free to pick whatever knight you want, as without their magic abilities they’re basically all the same. Just some look a little cooler