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  1. Hello My apologies it this post seems unwanted but I've come from the BBT boards and am looking for another BBT player wiling to give up their Gerald (the eyeball palm dude) head, I've been collecting all the star heads for a very very long time now and he's the last one I need before I have all of them. If you are willing to lend me a Gerald I'd be very happy and thankful to get in contact with you! 😊 Thank you for reading.
  2. I only got scammed once in my life, it was way back when I was a newer player. I was having a trade and I wanted another dudes Steamroll Victim#1 head and offered my Gerar for it. We both agreed that he would give me 100 gems for my Gerar and I would give him 100 for his Steamroll Victim... Turns out he scammed me of my head and left the game That's why I never give anyone my Star Heads anymore.
  3. Yes, in fact for every person I meet in co-op I have to go to the gift shop and give them 100 gems just for being there and because I have way to many.