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    How Many Times Have You Been Scammed In The Gift Shop?

    I only got scammed once in my life, it was way back when I was a newer player. I was having a trade and I wanted another dudes Steamroll Victim#1 head and offered my Gerar for it. We both agreed that he would give me 100 gems for my Gerar and I would give him 100 for his Steamroll Victim... Turns out he scammed me of my head and left the game That's why I never give anyone my Star Heads anymore.
  2. SugarSnapPeas124

    Anyone ever give gems, yarnballs, or heads to new or old players

    Yes, in fact for every person I meet in co-op I have to go to the gift shop and give them 100 gems just for being there and because I have way to many.