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  1. HungryImp36

    The X?: End of Game Secret Weapon Help

    I think u can dig it up in multiplayer mode.
  2. HungryImp36

    DLC Ideas Thread

    Death: Magic: (simular to the necromancers) Weapon: You know, Those sticks that deaths drag around to kill people, the one that looks like a mining stick (forgot its name) Animal Orb: Skull (Kills an enemy with a low life bar) Vet: Magic: (Heals her self) Weapon: (Red pointing Stick) Animal Orb: (Snailbert) Pirate: Magic: Gray poison Weapon: Pirate Sword Animal Orb: Parrot (Pecks on enemies) Animal Orbs: Imp: Collects gold for you Bee: Stings enemies Crow: Pecks on your enemies Pigeon: Poops on Enemies Bat creature from Alien Hominid: Does Something, Idk
  3. HungryImp36

    Will there ever be a Castle Crashers 2?

    If there would be a castle crashers 2, how would you name it? I would go with: The Legend of The Frogalope.. or something. Or maybe there will be a game 5?
  4. HungryImp36

    The 4 Original Castle Crashers Theory

    I agree with this theory and plus heres another backup to improve it: The place where you collect all your swords is inside a giant antelope frog with his tounge tied to an anvil. He probably defeated that creature by himself. Witch proves he can sword fight, witch proves he used to battle. The Frogalopes habitat is probably the marsh level, where you find the frogglet animal orb. I would really want to play that game. Like, Castle crashers, the legend of the Frogalope.