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  1. Calling this masterpiece a "game" is very insufficient. You know how you can get a glimpse of your childhood sometimes? Well since this game came out 10 (11?) years ago I had been playing it non stop after school with my friends. I remember always playing with the red dude, finishing the game with my friends and all we could say was "wow". A few seconds later we all agreed to do another play through. which we did about 6 times.. I remember maxing out all of my characters abilities and just feeling overpowered. It felt great, but what I realized was that the goal wasn't to reach maximum level, it was the journey from level 1 to 100. I often catch myself thinking about this game while playing these new games and just thinking "Those were the good ol' days". No matter how much I try I just can't seem to get this game out of my head. The simplicity, the originality, the atmosphere was just mindblowin awesome. All I really want is for this game to be released for the ps4 so that I once again can get a glimpse of my childhood, to once again feel the joy of when I was a child. I would be forever grateful, If money is the issue I can tell you that alot of people would donate to this project, Just to bring back the glory days of gaming. Thank you. (sorry for a long post I just let my thoughts flow)