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  1. Since remastered edition, it means minigames (apart from volleyball) are represented as board games and the characters you can be are characters playable in CC and CCR (including DLC characters like hatty) and characters that have the base of a gray knight (so characters that are match the size of playable characters like the necromancer and dark wizard) Also since it's be fun for GM, i get a character to be but the first person to sign up chooses the character i be (Plz no king...) Characters (when people sign up, this will get filled up) Rules 1. No dates (JUST FRIENDSHIPS) 2. Actually no being princesses since most characters are boys exception from pink knight (I think) 3. If you die of course, wait till someone in RP revives you (the castle crashers way or the way the necromancer does it) 4. No swearing 5. 1 per playable character (Even gray knights!) Final Rule. Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Gray, Blacksmith, Peasant, King should always be on the good side while the rest can choose to be good or evil And go have fun!
  2. I'm wondering if RPs are allowed on this forums to make castle crashers rp's and if they not allowed what are good RP forums? also what's the best time to save up for castle crashers remastered since i only played the original on 360