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  1. JamesHorner

    Castle crashers 2

    Well, I also want to complete the series of this game.
  2. JamesHorner

    Mobile Castle Crashers

    I also need this game to be played on the phone. or a similar game. Well, I usually played on the PS4.
  3. JamesHorner

    Castle Crashers saved game

    I think you should check the saved game file which is a cloud storage medium. May your game will be there.
  4. JamesHorner

    Castle Crashers funniest moments!

    It is so great that you are playing this game for a year, My younger brother used to play this game on his console, With I used to play Alien Hominid game. This is one of my favorite video game to play and looking for its latest version to arrive.
  5. JamesHorner

    Steam Summer Sale 2018

    As I am so late to get to know about this sale, but I will really go through it. I am always looking for the latest version. Currently, I am playing a multiplayer game.
  6. JamesHorner

    Community run game porting?

    Hey, I am new to this. I just want to tell that I am a game enthusiastic person and always looking for the new game to arrive. Just for curiosity I just want to know what game are you guys playing?