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  1. Well, I also want to complete the series of this game.
  2. I also need this game to be played on the phone. or a similar game. Well, I usually played on the PS4.
  3. I think you should check the saved game file which is a cloud storage medium. May your game will be there.
  4. It is so great that you are playing this game for a year, My younger brother used to play this game on his console, With I used to play Alien Hominid game. This is one of my favorite video game to play and looking for its latest version to arrive.
  5. As I am so late to get to know about this sale, but I will really go through it. I am always looking for the latest version. Currently, I am playing a multiplayer game.
  6. Hey, I am new to this. I just want to tell that I am a game enthusiastic person and always looking for the new game to arrive. Just for curiosity I just want to know what game are you guys playing?