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  1. JoeyMg

    Hatty on Castle Crashers

    I can tell you for sure as long as you have both games on your Steam account, you will get this character.
  2. JoeyMg

    What is the best pet for insane mode?

    Without a doubt hawkster, he gives you a fruit everytime you kill an enemy, before i had to use a potion every once in a while, but with this pet i rarely use one except for bosses.
  3. Hi, Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but im looking for some sold out castle crashers figurines, i got my hands on the original four but struggeling to find the pink knight, king, barbarian. I know they wont be cheap if i can even find them, but im looking for quite a long time and dont they dont seem to appear on eBay. Maybe, just maybe im lucky to find someone here or someone who knows where to look for them. :)