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  1. Every week or so I come searching for this thread just to see if there are any updates. There seems to be a huge following for your games and it really would be so amazing to be able to take Castle Crashers with me on the go since I basically carry my switch with me everywhere. I’d whole heartedly sign up tomorrow for whatever amount you may ask to get this game playable on my switch. On a a side note I love you guys and all of the hard work you do and would love not only to play castle crashed on the switch but every other one of your games. This is one of those shut up and take my money situations for me! So what I guess I’m saying is thank you for the amazing games and all that you put into what you already have but on a selfish note please listen to our ramblings of insanity and help make this dream of a lot of ours a reality. Whether on Kickstarter or with the outreach of supporters here, there definitely seems to be a following for your games on the switch. lots of love from a loyal supporter, Mike