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  1. Please tell me that response wasn't intended for me. If so you must be under the influence of something(s). If you think that a fan of your Castle Crashers game who took the valuable time out of his night to setup a profile on your site just to tell you how freakin much I liked your game and how you should make another is "rude" than you have issues. Or hate compliments and money...? What the heck is "rude" about that?! Please, enlighten me. Maybe u were responding to a different response on here.
  2. I would like to 2nd, or in the case of asking you guys to please make a Castle Crashers 2, I would like to 200,000,000th any request for you guys to PLEASE make a Castle Crashers 2. This is not a knock on any of your other games but the first Castle Crashers was an excellent game and a 2nd "NEEDS" to be done. I could even go so far as to see Castle Crashers getting Angry Birds big with the toys and cartoons and all that. I get staying true and not selling out but there is big money in it for you guys and we, the customers, the fans are practically begging for it. Please consider making a Castle Crashers 2. Thanks