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  1. Why hello there, kind sirs and sirettes! My name is Jamie Price Stubblefield, and I am an enthusiast of all art forms, aspiring to be a multimedia artist myself one day! As for who I actually am, I'm a 15 year old whackjob with a never-ending supply of anxiety, rhythm game addiction, and being more gay than the He-Man TV show :p <---- A drawing I made of me and my boyfriend Ethan I found The Behemoth from Castle Crashers on the good old XBOX 360, back before Minecraft was ported to consoles, and fell in love with the endless supply of laughs, friends, hacks (don't tell the cops!), and even some beatdowns on...whatever the main antagonist of Castle Crashers was...yeah that game's actually pretty all over the place now that I think about it. I'm currently being a total rhythm game junkie, the ones I'm playing the most being Groove Coaster 4: Heavenly Festival and Sound Voltex IV: Heavenly Haven. Speaking of which, fun fact! I actually came to this forum looking for Will Stamper's twitter (well, more like the existence of it, hehe) so I can tell him that he would make a good voice for a navigator in Groove Coaster. I thought that since GC4 now has an English localization and language, it would make for a neat idea to get Behemoth fans to play Groove Coaster as well (They even have freaking UNDERTALE songs to play!). Anyway, I should probably stop myself before I ramble into another dimension, a more Lame Dimension if you will, later mortals! Hope to see some of you guys and guyettes around!