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  1. Deathlyhub/xMEMEDANDELIONx

    looking for castle crashers (XBL)

    My gamertag on XB1 is xMEMEDANDELIONx sooo, PLEASE HELP ME ON INSANE MODE!!!!!! XD But seriously, help me.
  2. Deathlyhub/xMEMEDANDELIONx

    Xbox Insane Mode

    Please help me! My Xbox One Gamertag is xMEMEDANDELIONx
  3. Deathlyhub/xMEMEDANDELIONx

    C.C. Insane mode. Please help me!(Xbox One)

    I'm stuck in the ship and my best character is level 91. I really want to beat insane mode, and I would be really greatful if someone helped me with it! My best character is Hatty Hattington. He's also my favorite! I'm okay at juggling so, it might not go well on my side of things XD! Anyway, that's all that I wanted to say for now!
  4. Deathlyhub/xMEMEDANDELIONx

    Some friends to play Castle Crashers-insane mode with.

    I play on xbox one, so if you do, I can help you. Potentialy. XD