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  1. There has been a Nindie Showcase in late August for the past 2 years. Maybe that is what they're waiting for? It will sell way better if it is featured in a Nindie Showcase rather than just releasing it without any advertising.
  2. I’m beginning to wonder if CCR for Switch is going to get shadow dropped in a Nindie Direct at the end of August or early September. Why else would they still have not announced a release date?
  3. It’s happening!!! It’s finally happening! Hallelujah it happening!
  4. Enter the Gungeon just sold it’s millionth copy on the switch. It has sold about 2 million copies across all platforms. There is no doubt in my mind that Castle Crashers would sell even better than Enter the Gungeon! So why isn’t this being ported?!? Surely the amount of time it would take to port would be worth Behemoth’s while when looking at how much money they would make.