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  1. 1. Pacifist Defeat the first bear star whitout killing anyone. 2. Master of the Pit Reach the first position on Pit. 3. Professional Student Complete 3 consecutive rounds whit 5 stars. 4. Bloody Kill a character whit full health in only one turn. 5. I love History Get all pieces from Admiral Sofia. 6. Stronger Get the Sofia's Musket. 7. Best army Complete any fight whitout let any of your characters die. 8. Chinese Bring Father Crickets to your team. 9. The Sun is Cold Catch The Sun Sword. 10. Astronomical Complete "the moon mission" using The Sun Sword. 11. Investigative Complete all Harry's missions. 12. For Spain Complete all General Custard's missions. 13. Historical Complete the first war bringing Sofia and using her musket. 14. Different Pits Complete all Captain Crysanthemum's missions. 15. Deliciously Complete all Scrumptious's missions. 16. Scientific Complete all Megabat's missions. 17. Fire preserver Complete all Fire Masters' missions. 18. Cow Chop (secret achievement) Catch Cow Chop to your team. 19. New Spain Explored all the map. 20. Solver Complete all bonus quests. 21. Blood Bath Catch a green hair troll. 22. Greek Bring Minotaur to your team. 23. Not variated Get a full team whit characters at the same variance, name, color and loots. 24. Isn't Mortal Kombat Do a Dudodzo Kill. 25. The Royal Recruitador Get 100% game completion.
  2. There's so much things to fix and add to the game. What you think about?
  3. I agree about it. It would be really funny whit a lot of Rainbow Horses on your control. But whit a limit, like 12 fighters to Unfair Challenge on Insane only.
  4. When you get 85 golden, it's cause you got a item that you already have the max of it.
  5. Bring a mascot whit a Rainbow Horse and he(r) have more chance to hit a enemy. I know, probably the rainbow horse is not gonna hit so much whit bad levels. But a mascot is a very good option to them.
  6. 1. Leaderboards: How Pit People don't have Leaderboards? Do it on the final update! Please! 2. "Epic" heads to the rest of story characters: I really love the Admiral Sofia, but what you think from doing the rest of characters special heads? 3. More character slots to fighters on Solo Mode: Do it as a reward to player. Like: complete all the game; complete insane mode Unfair Challenge; etc... I recommend do it only for Arena Mode. 4. Add more chance to get special items when a player do a most hard challenge: For example: I did the Unfair Challenge on Insane whitout losing anyone, so I get most rare rewards. I got a hard character, so I get a new random item, etc... 5. Do a bigger reward to the 1ยบ place on Arena.
  7. I already got 6 of her. It's very easy. Get all the enemies to cage (press X) to Nanny don't attack. Get a team whit 5 guys on 99 and 1 on a bad level. Get your best to hero and put a fast speed whit net. The rest you put webs and a big normal sword. The guy at bad level you gonna make sure that will kil a enemy on the next turn. Be careful to don't kill Digit or Kiss (pixie).
  8. I'm MarjauOfficial, from Xbox One. I have all the items from the game, but I'm having problem to get the random items, especially on mushroom. Can you give me that items if I do or give something for you? What?