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  1. Roxanne

    Castle Crashers PS4

    The time frame is still summer! Aiming to launch before the summer season ends.
  2. Roxanne

    Castle Crashers PS4

    As far as I know, there won't be any free or sale promotions for the game right out the gate. Sorry!
  3. We're a little late with sharing this update to the forums, but of course it's all still available so we're throwing it here for anyone who may have missed it! Did shark week happen already??? Anyway, the DuckShark can be in your in your BBT pocket! New Co-op Playlist: "kings of madnes" by Demon-01 RECAP: Tiny Cyclops - 8/23 DuckShark - 8/30
  4. Roxanne

    Castle Crashers PS4

    We haven't shared an exact date quite yet -- we're finishing up the final stages of development, and once that's complete we'll be able to share all the information with you!! It's coming very soon.
  5. It's the teeniest, tiniest cyclops of them all, and it can be all yours if you tackle this week's new co-op playlist! New Co-op Playlist: "Season Theater" by Syntaxxx RECAP: Furbottom - 8/16 Tiny Cyclops - 8/23 Enjoy your itty-bitty new friend!
  6. Purrham Furbottom runs the show, and now you can run the Furbottom! Oooh, what an exciting twist. New Arena Playlist: "Malice Massacre" by FrozenFish37 RECAP: FBI Agent 1 - 8/9 Furbottom - 8/16 Ahh, how we love the theater.
  7. Listen, we can't say much about this new solo feature and unlock, so we'll leave the information in a briefcase under the bridge after it gets dark. Or right below this, that works too. New Solo Playlist: "The Block Mines" by metz RECAP: Toothbrush - 8/2 FBI Agent 1 - 8/9 Now get out of here, before they track your location!!
  8. Roxanne

    CCR Nintendo Switch

    Heya! We are still intending on a summer release for the game, even though we're headed into late summer. Bringing a game (even a port!) to a new set of consoles creates lots of new challenges, and we're working out the last few kinks to ensure that the game will be in the best shape possible for launch. That takes time, and even though we want to get the game out as soon as we can, we don't want to rush anything and sacrifice quality. But it is definitely on its way!
  9. Keep it clean, jelly bean. We've got a new Arena feature for you coming in hot! New Arena Playlist: "TouchyBlocky" by Ten_Tacles RECAP: Steamroll Victim #2 - 7/26 Toothbrush - 8/2 Have a sparkling weekend!
  10. Is it just me, or is it getting a little bit steamy in here? No? Too soon?? Sorry. Well, here's a new co-op playlist for you anyway. New Co-op Playlist: "Satellite" by echoplex RECAP: Sausage - 7/19 Steamroll Victim #2 - 7/26 I'll just keep on rolling along then... Oh, shoot. SORRY.
  11. I would make a barbecue joke with this week's Arena feature´╗┐ and unlocks, but that's just kind of messed up. New Solo Playlist: "SuperHiperMegaL" by Albertrivers RECAP: Behemoth Chicken - 7/12 Sausage - 7/19 Don't eat them, please.
  12. In case you haven't heard the news, the Steam Summer Sale is on right now! That means that for this week's Solo feature and unlock, the Behemoth Chicken is here to rep all of our games. New Solo Playlist: "Floor is Lava" by KLJF22 RECAP: Tiny Monkey - 7/5 Behemoth Chicken - 7/12 Enjoy your new animal-headed friends!
  13. We have only licensed the music in Castle Crashers, so the original artists own all rights to their songs. If you want to use the music from the game in your own content, you'll have to contact the original artists for their permissions!
  14. For this week's Arena feature and unlock I won't waste time writing a caption because I think it really just speaks for itself: Tiny Monkey New Arena Playlist: "SquaredCircelFun" by Ten_Tacles RECAP: Wheels - 6/28 Tiny Monkey - 7/5 Tiny Monkey may have a small head, but he also has big dreams. Go. Live those dreams.
  15. It's going to be a wheely, wheely good weekend with the new Co-op feature and unlock, which will be available for the next 2 weeks! Co-op Playlist: "The Fortress" by by SyntaxX RECAP:Cecil (Cooking Cat) - 6/21Wheels - 6/28 Ride on my friends.