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  1. You can buy the game on Steam and play on PC, no additional accounts required! The controllers are displayed because you can plug a controller into your PC to use, and it's usually the preference for our games -- totally not necessary though!
  2. Big Foot might not exist, but we know for a fact that Little Feets does. New Arena Playlist: "River Brawl" by Ten Tacles RECAP: Snail - 7/17 Little Feets - 7/24 Now, does anyone have any ideas as to where we could find tiny shoes to fit him?
  3. Unfortunately it is not available in the Asia region Sony stores, so you would have to purchase it using an account from a different region. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. Smiles go for miles, so you better take care of those pearly whites! New Arena Playlist: "Forest Arena" by Echoplex RECAP: Behemoth Chicken - 7/3 Toothbrush - 7/10 Say CHEESE!
  5. Es una buena idea, pero no tenemos planes de hacer más juegos de Castle Crashers en este momento! - It's a neat idea, but we don't have any plans to make more Castle Crashers games right now!
  6. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you as a small workaround! That aside, we hope we'll be able to test soon. Thanks for being patient during this strange time!
  7. This week's new prisoner unlock is guaranteed to help you have a cluckin' good time. New Solo Playlist: "Forest of Trees" by Justnormal3 RECAP: Tiny Cyclops - 6/26 Behemtoh Chicken - 7/3 BKAW.
  8. I'm afraid I don't understand your question -- cross-platform and cross-play generally mean the same thing, which means our answer is the same!
  9. Hi Blake! There is an option to save progress to Switch profiles -- you just have to select one for any guests playing by hitting "Y" on the character select screen. Hope that helps!
  10. That's interesting! Thanks for letting us know -- I'll pass the info on to the team in the meantime.
  11. We're back this week in a small way... with the littlest prisoner unlock for you!! New Arena Playlist: "Variety Pack!" by westbrook RECAP: Jonny Four - 6/19 Tiny Cyclops - 6/26 Watch where you step!
  12. We definitely see people asking for it, and though it isn't something we currently have plans for, it's always helpful to know what our community might be interested in!
  13. Hi Cris! Unfortunately Furbottom's Features were discontinued for the Xbox version of the game back in 2018. You can read more on that here:
  14. We do have a patch candidate that's in good shape, but unfortunately we are unable to properly test it due to the current COVID-19 situation. We don't want to release a patch without proper testing as that has the potential to introduce more issues to the game, so at the moment we are waiting to move forward. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope you understand!
  15. Hi there, Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately those achievements are tied to online functionality, which will not be coming back to the game. While it would be great if we could make proper tweaks in the future, we currently don't have any plans to do so.