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  1. So the last couple of weeks we watched a prisoner lose their head, but now... SNAKEFACE!!! THEIR ENTIRE FACE IS A SNAKE?! New Co-op Playlist: "RunningMan coop" by razavimday RECAP: 50% Off - 11/6 Snakeface - 11/13 Have they been eaten by the snake, or are they the snake? We may never know.
  2. OH NO THIS WEEK HAS PUT 25% MORE HEAD ON THE PRISONER CHOPPING BLOCK!!! New Arena Playlist: "Beghoule" by echoplex RECAP: 25% Off - 10/30 50% Off - 11/6 We're 50% off and it's almost the peak of spooky season!! Are you scared yet?
  3. Hey there! We're not sure if or when we'll have the Green Knight, or any of the other Knight Plushes back in stock. For now, what's still on our store is all we have left! If that changes, we'll be sure to post an update.
  4. Hey there! Since you are playing the original version of the game and using backwards compatibility for your Xbox One. Normally when this occurs it's because someone is trying to play it on an account that did not purchase the game, however you mentioned that it also doesn't work on your Dad's account. Assuming his account has not changed at all, you may want to try the solution on this thread about transferring over an Xbox profile: If that doesn't work, let us know and we'll try to find another solution for you!
  5. Carved away like you'd carve at a pumpkin -- it's 25% Off! (The prisoner, not the discount.) New Solo Playlist: "The Block Mines" by metz RECAP: Triple Threat - 10/23 25% Off - 10/30 We can only wonder what next week has in store... or can we? FORESHADOWING!? We'll see.
  6. This week's prisoner unlock is kicking up the October spooky to a whole new level -- it's Triple Threat! New Arena Playlist: "kings of madnes" by Demon-01 RECAP: Peeps - 10/16 Triple Threat - 10/23 I don't know about you, but I feel EXTREMELY threatened. I mean, just look at it.
  7. That would be it! One for each Feature this time around.
  8. Jeepers creepers! It's already October, and BattleBlock Theater is already LOOKING extra spooky with this week's unlocks... New Co-op Playlist: "Time to Run" by Stan_ RECAP: Troll - 10/9 Peeps - 10/16 Did anyone ever figure out where Peeps got those eyes?
  9. Hey there! Please submit a ticket to so our staff can help you out!
  10. This week's BattleBlock Theater prisoner unlock is a fuzzy fellow you know and love. New Arena Playlist: "Malice Massacre" by FrozenFish37 RECAP: Alien - 10/2 Troll - 10/9 We're not trolling, we promise! But this prisoner might be.
  11. You'll probably have some luck finding someone to help in our Discord server!
  12. Hi there! Unfortunately we can't transfer your data from one platform to another, as the different game platforms don't necessarily play nice with each other. Sorry about that!
  13. We're gearing up for the final weekend of PAX Online + EGX Digital! When you aren't playing BBT, here's a little reminder to get your fill of Alien Hominid Invasion in while you still can. New Solo Playlist: "Ambitious - Chapter 1 (Solo)" by TheJArago RECAP: Rammy - 9/25 Buckle Your Pants - 9/25 Cupcake - 9/25 Alien - 10/2 The AHI demo disappears after September 19th, so don't dawdle!
  14. Hi there, There is an online crash we are aware of involving online multiplayer that we are currently working on a solution for. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  15. Hi there! We are still working on this. If you would like to refund the game, please refer to Sony's refund policy and submit through their ticketing system. Thank you!