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  1. That's definitely abnormal, especially for Xbox -- feel free to open up a ticket with so that our team can provide assistance to help you get things sorted out!
  2. And I think it's gonna be a long, long time'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find... New Solo Playlist: A Round of Golf by SirRobo RECAP: Furbottom - 4/16 Blocketeer - 4/23 BLOCKETMANNNNNNN
  3. Hey there! This actually was patched a couple months back, so these previous issues should be fixed. If you're still experiencing trouble with multiplayer, then it's likely that something else is going on. Please submit a ticket to so that our team can help address your issue directly!
  4. This Furbottom's Feature prisoner unlock is the man, the legend himself: Purrham Furbottom! New Arena Playlist: Tournament1 by Shoval222 RECAP: Cupcake - 4/9 Furbottom - 4/16 How do you feel about having the very namesake in the sweaty palm of your hand? Pretty cool, right??
  5. Hi there! There's no way to just transfer Castle Crashers data through our own means, but Data Transfer utility may help. You can learn more about that on Sony's website here:
  6. We hope you have a sweet weekend! In fact, we're guaranteeing it with this Cupcake prisoner. New Co-op Playlist: Monde 1-1 by Kohana RECAP: Gerard - 4/2 Cupcake - 4/9 Frosted Fridays, oh yes.
  7. Much of this is due to the fact that we don't have a website to be a middleman -- we don't employ the use of a specific "Behemoth account" log in to the game, or require an online connection in order to play the game (online multiplayer being an exception of course) so user data is not being saved or uploaded to any specific external Behemoth server. In fact, we don't really use servers for the game at all; online and multiplayer play all happens through peer-to-peer connections directly between players. I know it's not the answer you were hoping for, but hopefully that can at least explain a bit more about why it isn't currently possible for us to set up or make cross-saves a thing!
  8. Last week we asked who was next; Steve, Brian, or Thad. This week, we have our answer. New Arena Playlist: Glove Dropping by Sir Robo RECAP: Paul - 3/26 Gerard - 4/2 Oh Gerard. You sure got us.
  9. Hey there! Please reach out to our team with details at so they can help you get things sorted out!
  10. Nothing like prisoners with completely ordinary people names. Meet Paul and Jonny. New Solo Playlist: Heaven to Hell by SnakeBD RECAP: Jonny Four - 3/19 Paul - 3/26 Who's next? Steve? Brian? Thad???
  11. Hey there! Our next game in development is Alien Hominid Invasion! While we don't yet have a release date, as we're still working on the game, you can learn about it on our website or Steam page. Hope that helps!
  12. One, two, three, four. Jonny Four, that is. New Arena Playlist: BasketBrawl by rpvarela RECAP: Alien - 3/12 FBI Agent 1 - 3/12 Jonny Four - 3/19 When they said someday we'd have to use math in the real world, they sure were right.
  13. 14 years of Alien Hominid HD. 14 years of Alien hunting. 14 years of Agent takedowns. In HD. New Co-op Playlist: catty catty by Pukszkoslaw RECAP: Boot - 3/5 Alien - 3/12 FBI Agent 1 - 3/12 Who knew it would all lead to an Invasion?
  14. If you're looking for folks to play with, you might also have luck in our Discord server!
  15. The Behemoth as a whole -- developing, publishing, businessing, and anything else you can think of that has to do with our games -- is made up of less than 20 people, so when we decide to work on a project, everyone gets wrapped up in it! A lot of the time when we share our team size, people ask why we don't just expand our staff. We actually choose to stay small, because the work environment is a place where everyone knows everyone, we can share and build off of each other's ideas easily (even if it's not someone's main job; for example, someone on our QA team might come up with an awesome game design idea!), and everyone is an important part of the team. Hope that helps answer your question!