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  1. Buckle your pants... right to your face! New Arena Playlist: "Glove Dropping" by Sir Robo Ms. Pump - 2/28 Buckle Your Pants - 3/6 You know how the song goes, we won't sing it for you. Well, we'll sing a little. But only if you ask nicely.
  2. Yes -- there is actually a patch contender in the works that is currently being tested and QA'ed. Once this is finished and everything is confirmed to be in order, we will deploy it as soon as we can!
  3. What parts of XBLA services are you trying to access? Some of them are unfortunately no longer available through the service:
  4. Ms. Pump is here to keep your heart pounding and your prisoners performing... but it's definitely out of love and totally not fear! I mean, what's so scary about having a beating heart as a head anyway? New Solo Playlist: "A Round of Golf" by Sir Robo Alien - 2/21 FBI Agent 1 - 2/21 FBI Agent 2 - 2/21 Ms. Pump - 2/28 Happy Valentine's Day! We're sending a little love your way. ❤️
  5. Though we can't guarantee that it will happen, we won't say 'no' either! A Castle Crashers sequel isn't in our current plans; we're a small team, so we have to pick and choose our projects carefully. Currently, we're interested in making new games but who knows what the future might hold.
  6. The black screen issue is something we are currently testing a patch for! Once testing is complete and we have determined that it is working properly, we will be rolling out the patch to players. So hopefully this will be resolved soon!
  7. You've probably heard the news; we're prepping for an invasion... an ALIEN HOMINID INVASION. But... oh no! It looks like BattleBlock Theater has already been infiltrated! New Arena Playlist: "BasketBrawl" by rpvarela RECAP: Groundhog - 2/14 Alien - 2/21 FBI Agent 1 - 2/21 FBI Agent 2 - 2/21 Remember, more news on Alien Hominid Invasion is coming at the end of the month! Keep an eye out.
  8. We haven't announced any platforms for the game yet, so you'll have to stay tuned!! We'll have more information coming at the end of the month.
  9. It's almost Groundhog Day! So... have a groundhog to unlock. That's it, really. Carry on. New Co-op Playlist: "Vexing Vibrancy" by Quady14 RECAP: Mr. Bobbins - 2/7 Groundhog - 2/14
  10. Hi there! Not every character or item will be available from the start in the Switch version; you have it right, and you will need to unlock them later in the game by purchasing some of the other characters (with in-game coins, not real currency, of course!) Hope that helps!
  11. Come on and slam, and welcome to the (apple) jam! New Arena Playlist: "Jump 'n Slam!" by Pannox RECAP: The Nose Knows - 1/31 Mr. Bobbins - 2/7
  12. I don't know, you don't know, who knows but The Nose... The Nose Knows. New Solo Playlist: "Heaven to Hell" by SnakeBD RECAP: Boot - 1/24 The Nose Knows - 1/31 Also, let's just take a moment to consider that this is paired with the boot unlock. We don't have to know much to know that is SMELLY.
  13. Aw, it looks like Hatty could almost be his own prisoner head! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  14. Small correction to my above post, which I have also edited -- please follow the steps and configure the joy-cons while you are on the character select screen. This should resolve your issue!
  15. Just a week ago we kicked off 2020, and now we're just kickin'. With this boot. New Arena Playlist: "BattleBall" by Le Bootiful Face / Billy Mayonnaise RECAP: The Monster - 1/17 Boot - 1/24 Take one step at a time, and be sure to put your sole into it.