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  1. Peeps may have missed his regular Halloween celebration, but he still wanted to make it in time for the rest of the holidays! New Arena Playlist: "Gold & Glory" by Mini-Suite for Duke RECAP: Toast - 11/22 Turkey - 11/29 Peeps - 11/29 It's never too late to party with Peeps.
  2. As all answers read above, we are currently working with Sony to get the game published in the Middle East. This is taking a considerable amount of time due to differences in region restrictions, etc., but we'll let you know when it becomes available.
  3. I just wanted to hop in to say that these days you can often find a lot of active players on our Discord server! While the forums here still have a little bit of activity, there are a lot more users on Discord and a better opportunity to find co-op players in real time. If you're interested, you're welcome to join us at! (Either way, you're still welcome to find players using this post, too!)
  4. Hi Yesmon, Players usually see issues when the controllers have been set up after the game has already been launched. Please make sure that you configure your joy-cons in the controller menu while the software is still completely closed. After this, you can launch the software and have two players join. Please try this and let us know if it makes a difference!
  5. Hi there, As of right now, it's not possible since FurBottom's Features are no longer available on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Unfortunately we don't currently have any plans to add in new ways to unlock heads at this time. Thanks for understanding!
  6. Nothing goes with turkey like... toast? It's a feast fit for a prisoner, that's for sure. New Co-op Playlist: "Orange Blocks (two player)" by Getlucky12341 RECAP: Turkey - 11/15 Toast - 11/22 Come on, we couldn't have at least gotten a baguette or something?
  7. Hi there, Unfortunately we do not have any plans to bring the game to any Asia region stores at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience!!
  8. We missed out on last week's forum post, but the spooky Halloween unlock (that you can still get) was none other than SNAKEFACE! Scary. This week, though, October is over, done with, gone. So we're moving right into November with a turkey and a smile. New Arena Playlist: "Game of Kings" by Hexadoodle RECAP: Snakeface - 11/8 Turkey - 11/15 Gobble gobble go forth, performers.
  9. Hi Merlin, Castle Crashers doesn't actually have its own servers! All connections when you play with others are peer-to-peer, which means that if internet speeds of one player are low or connectivity is unstable, you will experience lagging in your gameplay. It is most likely that this was the issue you had last night -- we suggest you give it another shot, but if it persists you can open a ticket for additional help at!
  10. Alternatively, some people who have modified their Switch software or hardware also see issues with the game saving. However, there is no solution for this as we cannot support altered devices. If this is also not the case, please reach out to so that someone can look into the problem for you!
  11. If you're playing Nintendo Switch local co-op with others, you'll have to save everyone's progress by making sure each player is connected to a Switch user profile! You can select profiles by pressing the "Y" button on the character select screen. Hope that helps!
  12. This is definitely odd; it sounds like you are playing an online 4-player game, correct? Nintendo generally doesn't allow multiple profiles to connect to their online services from the same Switch at the same time, so this may be why you are experiencing the major disconnect between players. That being said, it's strange and device that the game let you get that far in the first place. Does this happen if you only connect with one player profile and the second player uses a "guest account"/no profile?
  13. We're glad it worked out for you! Have fun with the game.
  14. Hi there, Unfortunately the game is not available on the eShop in the Asia region, and will not be coming to that store any time soon. You may be able to purchase it if you have a Nintendo account that is set up in a different region, like NA or EU. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  15. Nope! We don't have any plans for expansions or updates, because the game is complete and finished!
  16. Hi, Unfortunately I don't have any news to share other than what I mentioned above; the progress for getting the game on the store has advanced, but we aren't sure when everything will be ready to go. We'll let you know as soon as we know!
  17. We spent a long time celebrating with Castle Crashers heads, but we're moving into this weekend with love for ALL our games. Why all of our games? Well, besides the fact that we think they're pretty cool, they're also on sale on Steam as a part of the Live at London EGX Sale. (You can check those deals out here: New Arena Playlist: "Footbasket" by Bloofus RECAP: Giraffey - 10/25 Behemoth Chicken, Duck Shark, and Cupcake - 11/1 Maybe two months ago someone mentioned that Duck Shark was the last head they needed to complete their entire collection of BBT heads -- I hope this post makes it to you, dude.
  18. I got word this morning that everything is in process, but we are still trying to sort out an exact date with Sony.
  19. Hi Rhyden, We haven't announced any additional plans for BattleBlock Theater at this time. We're a small team with limited resources, so we have to pick and choose our projects very carefully -- and we're currently working on our fifth new game! Who knows what the future might hold, though! You can always keep an eye on our Blog for any new announcements: Thanks for understanding!
  20. Hi Saibotario, We cannot offer free copies of the game to players on other platforms; even though we brought the game to new consoles, you still made the purchase for PC and that is where your copy of the game will have to remain. We also cannot transfer that license to PS4 as the different platforms do not necessarily play nicely with each other and each console has different game requirements. We do not have plans for cross-play at this time either; however, if cross-play was ever implemented it is unlikely that it would include PC as the console and PC versions of the game have multiple differences.
  21. We're probably giraffing you crazy with this month long Castle Crashers celebration (and all the bad puns that have come with it), but more heads means more fun, and there are new unlocks for you this week in BattleBlock Theater! New Co-op Playlist: "Monde 1-1" by Kohana RECAP: Rammy, Troll, & Thief - 10/18 Giraffey - 10/25 It's not a stretch to say this head is one of the best yet!
  22. Are you setting up the Joy-Cons as separate controllers in the Switch options prior to starting the game? To do this, be sure to select the "controllers" button next to options on the Switch home screen, then load up the game after you've adjusted these controller settings. From here, you should be able to start a co-op game and load in each joy-con to a separate player.
  23. Why can't you tell jokes to thieves? Because they take things literally. We're not stealing away the celebration quite yet -- there are more Castle Crashers heads for you to unlock this week in BattleBlock Theater! New Arena Playlist: "Black and Blue [Arena]" by KLJF22 RECAP: The King, Rammy, & Troll - 10/11 Thief - 10/18
  24. Unfortunately Furbottom's Features are no longer available on XBLA as of last year. You can read more about that here:
  25. The date was announced last Thursday -- it is indeed coming on October 1st. As mentioned previously, the delay was due to some unexpected issues that arose with the PlayStation storefronts for those regions, which had to be resolved and then go through an approval process before the game could launch. It was not ideal for us, but it unfortunately wasn't something that we could speed up either.