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  1. This week's BattleBlock Theater prisoner unlock is a fuzzy fellow you know and love. New Arena Playlist: "Malice Massacre" by FrozenFish37 RECAP: Alien - 10/2 Troll - 10/9 We're not trolling, we promise! But this prisoner might be.
  2. You'll probably have some luck finding someone to help in our Discord server!
  3. Hi there! Unfortunately we can't transfer your data from one platform to another, as the different game platforms don't necessarily play nice with each other. Sorry about that!
  4. We're gearing up for the final weekend of PAX Online + EGX Digital! When you aren't playing BBT, here's a little reminder to get your fill of Alien Hominid Invasion in while you still can. New Solo Playlist: "Ambitious - Chapter 1 (Solo)" by TheJArago RECAP: Rammy - 9/25 Buckle Your Pants - 9/25 Cupcake - 9/25 Alien - 10/2 The AHI demo disappears after September 19th, so don't dawdle!
  5. Hi there, There is an online crash we are aware of involving online multiplayer that we are currently working on a solution for. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Hi there! We are still working on this. If you would like to refund the game, please refer to Sony's refund policy and submit through their ticketing system. Thank you!
  7. Hi there! While we don't have any official place to sign up, he might have some luck finding a group in the Castle Crashers channel of our Discord server! You can join at Hope it helps!
  8. PAX Online + EGX Digital kick off this weekend, so this week's prisoner unlocks are one big Behemoth celebration! New Arena Playlist: "TouchyBlocky" by Ten_Tacles RECAP: FBI Agent 1 - 9/18 Rammy - 9/25 Buckle Your Pants - 9/25 Cupcake - 9/25 Alien Hominid, BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, Pit People... now you know your ABCP's!
  9. An Alien Hominid Invasion demo arrives next weekend for PAX/EGX Online... which means the FBI Agent is arriving in BattleBlock Theater! New Co-op Playlist: "Jungle Jumper" by SyntaxX Expert RECAP: Giraffey - 9/11 Swamp Bro - 9/11 FBI Agent 1 - 9/18 Are you team Agent, or team Alien?
  10. Hi Riccardo, The game should be back in the eShop now! Enjoy.
  11. Basically, we've submitted the game back in for eShop approval, and it's currently in testing by Nintendo. It's been a few days, but it's possible it could take a few more.
  12. On August 27, 2008, Castle Crashers launched for the very first time. And, well... you know how that story goes. 😉 New Arena Playlist: "SuperHiperMegaL" by Albertrivers RECAP: The King - 9/4 Giraffey - 9/11 Swamp Bro - 9/11 Happy 12th Anniversary, Castle Crashers!
  13. We're doing everything we can to get it back up, but unfortunately we are currently at the stage of waiting for approvals so there isn't much we can do to speed it up. We will be sure to participate in another sale as soon as we can either way!!
  14. Hey there - We are currently working to update the PEGI rating for the game, which has recently changed. Once that is complete, Castle Crashers Remastered should be back up on the EU eShop! Sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope to have it back up soon!
  15. Hi there! If the above fixes aren't relevant to you and your issue continues to persist, please submit a ticket to so our team can assist you more directly!
  16. We are currently working to update the PEGI rating for the game, which has recently changed. Once that is complete, it should be back up on the EU eShop! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  17. It's Friday again, can you believe it!? Friday is king. Friday might even be... THE King. New Solo Playlist: "Floor is Lava [Solo]" by KLJF22 RECAP: Duck Shark - 8/28 The King - 9/4 Have a good weekend, and be sure to treat yourself like the royalty you are!
  18. Doo do… doo do… doo do. (Pretend that sounds like the “Jaws” theme, please and thank you.) New Arena Playlist: "Duckshark Arena" by Obama's Mama RECAP: Alien - 8/21 Duck Shark - 8/28 Happy Shark Week, Mr. Duck Shark! We promise you fit right in, sort of.
  19. Hi there! What platform are you playing on? If you submit a ticket to, our team should be able to help you out.
  20. It's the 18th Anniversary of the original Alien Hominid flash game, so we're celebrating by making the Alien this week's BattleBlock Theater unlock! New Arena Playlist: "SquaredCircelFun" by Ten_Tacles RECAP: Rose - 8/14 Alien - 8/21 Lots of people have been asking for this special head, so now's your chance to unlock it!
  21. Yay! Happy to help, and sorry about the extra effort you had to go through.
  22. It looks like something was off on our back end, and should be fixed now!! Since you beat the playlist, you should be able to unlock it by just loading in or beating the finale if not. Sorry about that, and thanks for your patience!
  23. Did you play the solo playlist or the co-op playlist? If you're playing alone, you'll still be sent into the solo playlist from last week which won't award you Rose. You need to make sure you're playing with a friend to complete "El Gato" by reridse!
  24. Roxanne

    Music discs

    There are currently only 5 discs available in the game, so you're up to speed with your collection!
  25. As of right now, we don't have plans to bring the PDA games into Alien Hominid Invasion. There will, however, definitely be online and local multiplayer for up to 4 players!