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  1. *FINAL EDIT* Debunked! It felt wrong and apparently SwitchUp was in fact wrong on their original video posting. Can't wait to hit some CC tonight! I've read couch co-op on the switch does not allow for the second player to save their progress, is this true? And if so is it going to be patched? This has to be a bug right? I've not seen anything on this forum so please forgive me if this is a double post! *EDIT* According to one player they have found you can in fact sign in with a second account on the knight selection screen you simply press the 'Y' button. I have purchased the game and will be following up here this afternoon to confirm.
  2. Here we go!!!! Can't wait for the 17th!
  3. I am excited to hear it! I look forward to it hitting stores! Do your thing!
  4. Just signed up for an account to add I'm over here biting my nails waiting for more info on timeline of release for this! Got super excited back in March with the release news, now I'm starting to wonder if the game will arrive for summer at all? Not going to discourage me from buying the minute it comes out, just wanted to express my interest and see if anyone here knew something I didn't on timeline?