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  1. No need to apologise for any reply delay: I don't exactly check back here often The streaming version on Newgrounds is lossy. I don't suppose you have an original lossless version that could be made available? I'll be honest, if you had a lossless version (wav, FLAC etc.) on Bandcamp or somewhere, I'd happily buy it without hestitation.
  2. Thanks Do you have links to where the songs can be purchased? You're welcome I'm pretty sure I saw your name in the credits video I watched for the game (pausing frequently, as it scrolls faster than my brain can take in), so yours was easy to find. If you have a lossless version available by the way, perhaps on Bandcamp or similar, I would buy that
  3. I've spent a good hour or two going through this, as no-one appears to have answered the question at all here or on other forums (Reddit; Steam etc.) I'm pasting my results here in the hopes that this helps other people searching for this. I've transcripted the names from the music section of the credits to Pit People and then basically searched each name in relation to "Pit People". I've then followed the breadcrumbs for each. Some have immediately given results. Others, not so much. N.B., The Behemoth - please can you start LISTING all of your music tracks in a clear, easy-to-find place going forward, so that the community doesn't have to try to madly scour the internet for links and track names? I fully understand that you may not hold the licence to all the tracks, but you should be able to at least list the music tracks and provide links to where we can legitimately buy / download the tracks from the artists. Patric Catani - various tracks - Kormac - "Wash My Hands" - / Lo-Phi - no idea Baki The Fox - "Dark Dance (MiniBoss)" - / Kavitharan Amalakumar - apparently called "Like Nothing", but I can't find this track available anywhere Yoel Beaucaire - "Tribute To Morricone (Demo)" - Rafter - "Christina 1981" - / Selcuk Bor - apparently called "The Unbreakable", but I can't find this track available anywhere (Edit 20/05/2020: it might be "The Unbreakables" by MaestroRage aka Selcuk Bor - Kenseth Thibideau - no idea Mondo Boys - apparently called "Sofia", but I can't find this track available anywhere other than here - Sola Rosa - "Del Ray" - Dunkelbunt (actually "[dunkelbunt] & Barefoot Basement feat. Alix") - "Augen zu und durch (Club Edit)" - Lee LaDouceur - apparently called "Phraiser's Phlour", but I can't find this track available anywhere Jay Fernandes - no idea Ian Moreno - seems to be a voice actor -