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  1. Hey, The only reason I bought this game was to play with my friends for old times sake. I posted this game-breaking bug issue almost immediately after launch and was told the issue was being worked on pretty soon after. Considering this should not be a hard issue to replicate given you test it in similar conditions to those of us experiencing it, I can only assume that nothing is being done. This issue has plagued my gameplay experience since launch and I would like a refund because it's not even worth trying anymore.
  2. I can confirm that this issue is not restricted to only the main story. Although it seems rarer, it has also occured in Arena and Back Off Barbarian as well when transitioning.
  3. The lag isn't really the problem as most the time little to no lag occurs, today I am playing alone on the router with my friend connected on a different router. It almost seems as if the host is getting stuck in a loop when trying to load new areas as the screen stays black and only shows when players leave. Even if everyone else in the lobby leaves the screen will stay black if you were the host
  4. Update: issue still persists in version 1.03 and when only connected to 1 other person. I took a video of it happening but the file is too large and I'm trying to condense it.
  5. 1) Some lag is occurring here and there in small pockets but nothing too crazy 2) the three connection speeds between us are 40mbps, 20mbps, and 20mbps and we are all using wireless connections 3) I know me and one of the people are type 2 because we are connected to the same router, I'm pretty sure my 3rd friend's is type 1, It could be 2 but i know it isnt 3 4) None of us are using playstation pro We used to play the steam and ps3 version of the game and this issue never occurred if that helps
  6. Update: this issue seems really prevalent when entering the space ship from the desert level.
  7. Hello, What the issue is: The issue seems to only affect the host in online multiplayer. The issue seems to be when loading new areas of a level. When players enter a new section, there is a chance that the hosts screen will just remain black and the other non-host players will see the "waiting for players" wheel at the bottom. As far as I could tell, the hosts black screen will remain until closing the game. Other players connected to the host will also be kicked out of the game automatically if the host does not shut off the game in time. This causes all leveling progress and level progression for the host to be completely lost. This bug has been happening quite frequently with me in the night it's been released "Test conditions": -It was me playing with 2 other friends online -i started as host and it first happened to me when entering the first forest with the thieves -after the first incident we changed hosts and had the same issue, but I forget at which part. -switched to having the 3rd guy be host on the level with the ram animal and his black screen event happened when trying to enter the part of the cave filled with gold that ended the level. -we then took "shifts" being host and it kept happening everytime If I had to take a shot in the dark, I'd say the root of the issue could be an incompatibility error leftover from porting the game from XBOX One to PS4 Thank you for taking the time to read this, I love this game and I think you guys are doing a great job. I hope I have left enough information about it to be able to replicate the issue and solve it quickly.