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  1. So the game has been out a few weeks and is not playable with other online players. Im convinced at this point that the thing that keeps responding to us all is a bot thats not actually getting behemoth to work on this issue at all. All i want is to play with my friends and no one get black screened or kicked when transitioning between levels. It is not nat type problems or connection problems its a problem with behemoths servers. Please fix this or refund everyones games.
  2. Its basically unplayable in online multiplayer. We gave up as its freezing up during loading screens or transitioning between areas.
  3. Hi, i am ps4 and am having this issue every time i try to play with my friends. I am 10mbps download 2mbps upload one friend is in america at 30 down and 5 up the other is in england at 25 down and 2 up. We are all hardwired to our routers. The issue happens like the above poster says which during loading screens. Its most common for us when entering boss fights and exiting levels. However it doesnt seem to happen for the blacksmith area or shops. Love the game and really want to play it with my friends but it freezes up constantly like this.