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  1. 2 of my friends and i live in very rural areas, one of my friends live in a city, we have the best internet available to us. my download speed is usauly at a stead 12 mbs. but does drop frequently. i dont know the particulars of my friends tho...
  2. My friends and i are also running into this issue, we are all wired. nat type 2. sumtimes lag sumtimes smoother then butter. the wierd thing is that its doesnt cuase the app to crash like when other apps freeze and we submit a bug report to ps4. i love you guys. have since newgrounds in the 90s and have owned most of your games in 1 form or another. when Castle crashers Remastered came to ps4 was super excited and convinced my friends to buy it and play. its stil a great game even with the bugs. but this gitch makes it unplayable on multiplayer with my friends