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  1. Thank you for the swift answer! It's for the best, legally, and the fact that Hominid has already shown potential to completely destroy a prison.
  2. Hello! I am a good friend (Not technically affiliated with the company) of the lead mobile game developer of Springloaded. He makes lovely free to play games and has been a great creator and is loved within the community. One of Springloaded's newer releases is Prison Planet, in which you lock up different alien races and maintain resources to create your own custom prison. It's a fun game, but I digress, as I am not here to advertise. One of the features in the game is a new alien is introduced each week. You complete a challenge, and unlock a new alien! Typically, he asks the community for ideas or creates an obscure reference to pop culture. He doesn't really know I am asking this, but I know he is a fan of Behemoth games (He has mentioned Alien Hominid and Battle Block Theater quite a few times in private conversations). I was wondering whether it would be okay to include Alien Hominid as one of the weekly event aliens. It seems he would fit perfectly in an intergalactic prison game, and he would be a great fit in with the art style of the game as well! I'm sure he would be very happy to hear that he's gained your blessings.