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  1. I am still having a hard time having other players join in on their own profile. Do they need to purchase the game as well to be able to log in and save their progress too?
  2. I am trying to play local multiplayer. I am trying to have my kids play with me on their profiles on the same Switch.
  3. I have looked through tons of forums but I have yet to find an answer. To save the coop players progress I understand I need to press "Y" on the switch to change profiles, but it says no other players can log into the game. Does this mean I have to buy the game on all of the users on my switch?
  4. I have tried to login with my other profiles but as soon as I press 'Y' it says no other players can log in. Even though I have 3 other profiles on this system. Do I need to buy the game under all the profiles?